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                Corporate Culture

                In this beautiful autumn, staff of Shanghai Chinllenge Gases Co., Ltd. met in Zhejiang Anji, China’s beautiful county. The two-day colourful itinerary greatly enhanced mutual understanding and feelings.

                When we came to Zhongnan Baicao Garden, everyone was eager to wear a unique Chinese costume with special charm. We experienced Chinese national culture together, while the combination of red and black became a beautiful landscape.

                All of us were free to match with each other to take various pictures with full innocence, demonstrating creativity and entertainment spirit of SCGC.

                After watching sea lion show, Awa song and dance performance, we began to make rafts. Under the organization of professional coaches, “Red Fire Team”, “Sword Dragon Team”, “Galaxy Warship Team” and “Yellow Submarine Team” debuted. The teams used ropes, bamboo and floating tires to work together to make bamboo rafts. SCGC employees were all capable of working. Though sweat soaked our clothes, we gained success in “Shipbuilding Project”. In a short while, four bamboo rafts were launched in the water! It seems that the simple bamboo rafts were not easy to achieve high quality. Some of them needed to be returned to repair... Under the command of coaches, four teams advanced at full speed, screaming and shouting with water fights. Finally, all of us were soaked and “landed” ashore, but we still wanted to play again!

                The next day, everyone came to Hidden Dragon Waterfall. This is the largest waterfall group in Zhejiang. All of us enjoyed beautiful scenery of Chang Long Waterfall step by step. It has three-fold overlap which is more than 60 meters long. Besides that, there is a rainbow lies and it is called “Hong Guan Long Waterfall Gate”. Different kinds of stones including eagle stone, natural hanging stone and so on compose the realistic image. Magnificent cliffs and peaks as well as the bamboo forest full of quiet and beautiful charm attracted us a lot. This year, we continued photo-taking campaign starting from last year and recorded wonderful moments, which not only left good memories, but also let those who stuck to their post and failed to go travelling feel enthusiasm and scenery together.

                Happy time is always short. Once a year, the annual activity gathers us together. Through each event, friends who are usually rare to meet and far-reaching in the North and the South come close together, enjoy ourselves, develop strength and wisdom of our team as well as have opportunity to display personal talents. Everyone knows each other better with help of teambuilding and hopes to communicate better in practical work. Let’s look forward to more exciting trips in the coming year!

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