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                Company News

                After more than a month of intensive preparation, mid-year training carried out at the headquarters on September 10, 2018. The four-day compact arrangement, internal professional skills training and external lecturer management courses are believed to be rewarding!

                This internal concentrated training is different from the past ones. Original and advanced training contents are merged together to form various professional and technical backbone knowledge training courses.

                In the first two days, professional lecturers introduced training of air separation process, hydrogen production from natural gas, electrical knowledge, safety knowledge, equipment management, maintenance and instrument control knowledge. By meticulously analyzing and explaining faults and problems encountered in daily production operation management, lecturers introduced methods to deal with them. During training process, participants actively took part in case discussion and discussed problems they encountered at work with lecturers in warm atmosphere.

                On the third day, we routinely came to gas factory for practical training and assessment. After safety education and training in the morning, everyone started practical training. On the basis of learning and mastering theoretical knowledge, we put more efforts into practical training, thus learned knowledge and actual work could be better combined.

                The fourth day was external training of management on the theme of “Enterprise Reform and Thinking Transformation”. The teacher first introduced typical trend of macro-evolution and professional values of social production logic as well as how the company should respond to current situation of organizational pressure and competitive situation, letting us recognize the necessity of enterprise reform. After that, the teacher deeply analyzed for colleagues at different levels of the company during reform period, especially specific feelings of employees in the company’s various positions have aroused everyone’s resonance. Colleagues at all levels actively interacted with lecturers and shared their experiences. While making comments, the teacher also gave pertinent suggestions, introduced some tools and methods for better adjustment.

                Everyone has gained a lot of professional knowledge and skills through this concentrated training, and had a deeper understanding of enterprise reform. Employees are able to correctly face various conflicts during reform period. We believe that everyone can support and cooperate with each other in the future work. In order to gain prosperity for SCGC, we will work together and go all out!

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