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Apr 10

Giorgio Chinaglia dies – RIP Long John

“My father passed away this morning at 09;30 hrs” said Anthony Chinaglia, the son of former Lazio player and legend, Giorgio “Long John” Chinalia, announcing and making official the death of his father Giorgio. The cause of death was heart attack. On 1 April 2012, this news took Lazio, its fans and overall football fanatics …

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Sep 12

Player ratings vs AC Milan

The following are player ratings from Milan vs Lazio: Bizzari – 7,5; What an incredible performance by a forgotten goalie. Together with Cagliari`a Aggazi, probably the goalkeepr of the week in Serie A. Konko – 6; A better performance from the Frenchman than I though. Good and stable most of the time, though Cassano gave …

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Sep 01

Few words concerning the sale of Zarate and why it does make sense

First of all I must warn you that I am one of the few Lazio fans who was IN FAVOR of selling Zarate! This will serve as a disclaimer in order for the reader to not have dilemma concerning my stance over the matter while reading this piece. Furthermore, in order to articulate my opinion …

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Jul 19

Few words on Federico Marchetti and Marius Stankevicious

Background Only few weeks back, none of us Lazio fans would have believed that Federico Marccheti and Marius Stankevicious would today be Lazio players in full effect. They were just two names of random Serie A players which only Serie A fanatics would know. However, as all of us are aware now SS Lazio has …

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Jul 13

Lorik Cana signs for Lazio and what this means for the team

The background to the deal When confirmations appeared after the January transfer window closed that Lazio had submitted a bid for Lorik Cana, I must say this took me completely by surprise. Lorik Cana is my co-patriot and we must admit that all of us want that our co-patriots play for our favorite teams. I …

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Jul 07

New season starts today – Lazio begin training camp at Auronzo di Cadore

In accordance with the previously agreed schedule, Lazio players have returned to Formello and will today arrive at their usual summer training ground (for the 4th consecutive year) at Auronzo Di Cadore. The expedition will remain there until 23 July when the return to Rome is foreseen. Below, find the full schedule of Lazio pre-season …

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Jul 05

Abdoulay Konko signs with Lazio and what it means for the team

Background Immediately after the season was over, it became obvious that Stephan Lichsteiner had chosen to leave Lazio. As usual, Lotito was willing to fulfill player`s desire but of course, if the buying team would meet the asked price. From day one and in particular following appointment of new manager, Juve was on pole for …

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Jun 24

New Lazio jerseys for 2011/12

Hello folks. Just a quick one this time. As you may be aware, Lazio introduced new jerseys only moments ago with a totally unusual way. The jerseys were introduced at Piazza Spagna with some 100 people wearing them and playing football at the site in question. I will update this thread whith professional photos released …

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Jun 18

Roberto Mancini`s backheel goal in Parma-Lazio

In one football forum, someone had started an argument based on a quote by Real Madrid current President. He said that Zinedine Zidane`s goal in Real Madrid vs Bayer Leverkusen Champions League final was the best goal in football. As one would expect, a lot of people jumped in the discussion suggesting this and that …

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Jun 17

Senad Lulic signs with Lazio and what it means for the team

I will be brutally honest: I had never heard of Senad Lulic before he was being linked to Lazio. Once a team signs a player that noone has heard of before the clouds of suspicion immediately arise. But, the same occurred when Lazio had signed a certain Aleksandar Kolarov and Stephan Lichsteiner. In those cases …

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