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May 23

Lecce-Lazio 2-4! Europa League it is

And so it happened just like we all believe it would: Lazio got the win at Lecce but failed to grasp the final CL spot, despite having the same number of points as Udinese. Believe it or nor, I intentionally did not watch the match, as it was obvious that the other match played at …

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May 20

Lecce vs Lazio, match preview

vs       So, we take on Lecce in the ultimate match of season, a match that can decide nothing, or could be historic. Considering the circumstances, it is quite unlike for the latter to occur. So, what is actually at stake here? Theoretically, we could still grab the last Champions League, but for that to …

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May 16

Lazio vs Genoa: report! Is this too late for Lazio?

Well, we managed to beat Genoa after a brilliant second half display but this will most probably prove to be insufficient for a CL spot, as Udinese managed to grab a vital away win @ Chievo yesterday to remain 2 points clear with one match to go. First half What a dreadful experience. True, 2 …

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May 12

Lazio vs Genoa: preview

vs      Date: Saturday, 14.05.2011  (18;00 hrs) Venue: Stadio Olimpico, Rome In the penultimate week of this Serie A season, Lazio hosts at Stadio Olimpico Genoa. The latter team has nothing to play for, as they are safe from relegation zone but yet, far in points for European competitions. This does not mean that a win …

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May 06

Udinese – Lazio: preview

vs.       Venue: Stadio Friuli, Udinese. Date and time:  8 May 2011; 15;00 CET The time for every calculation is over. We take on Udinese this Sunday in what seems to be one hell of a match. The teams that comes victorious from this encounter will most probably be the one taking the CL spot …

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May 03

Lazio – Juve: the old song

After such a defeat, it is quite a difficult task to write a match report, or whatever of substance for last night`s match. I so much wish to omit the mentioning of referees in a match report, but this also proves to be a difficult task, to say the least. Just like against Inter, Lazio …

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May 01

Lazio vs Juve: preview

vs.                 Four matches from the end, no more calculations. We have to give everything, do everything to finish 4th. Juventus come injured after a disastrous last second goal received from Catania last week, a goal which basically diminished their chances for a 4th spot fight. Starting from tomorrow, every match is the most important …

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Apr 24

Inter – Lazio: 2-1

I was unable to watch the match as I would have wished to due to a particularly bad stream, but based on what I managed to see and read following the match, there is little doubt that we did not lose, but rather, we beat ourselves (I think Edy Reja said something like this as …

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Apr 21

Inter – Lazio: preview

vs.      We five matches to go, we still find our selves in the last Champions League spot and that is good, or maybe, more than we ever tough we`d see. Inter has been a tough nut to crack in the last several years and we returned from visiting them empty hands recently, but this …

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Apr 18

Catania – Lazio: 1-4, report

What a lovely Sunday and weekend overall. roma lost at home in the first match as their new owner took over the club. Inter lost as well and Juve drew. Now Lazio needed to win at all cost to create a gap with roma and Juve and they did just that. After a fantastic performance …

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