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Sep 10

[Report] Milan-Lazio 2-2 or half full, half empty?

So, it’s Milan as first game. Away, at San Siro against the Italian Champions and our traditional bete noire, a game that is usually as pleasant as a visit at the dentist’s, but here we are. Reja lines up the predicted 4-2-3-1, with Konko and Zauri on the wings and Klose up front.Hernanes, Mauri and …

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Sep 08

[Preview] – AC Milan vs SS Lazio

vs            To start the Serie A campaign against the current champions and the favorites to win it again is no something that you hope for, but the suspension of Serie A when Lazio was supposed to face Chievo at Olimpico brought us just that! You probably know by now but in case you don`t, …

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Sep 01

Few words concerning the sale of Zarate and why it does make sense

First of all I must warn you that I am one of the few Lazio fans who was IN FAVOR of selling Zarate! This will serve as a disclaimer in order for the reader to not have dilemma concerning my stance over the matter while reading this piece. Furthermore, in order to articulate my opinion …

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Aug 08

Post Auronzo and Fiuggi – it`s 4-2-3-1 and I like it

It was hardly a surprise when Lazio management decided to go on with summer`s longest training camp at Auronzo di Cadore, a place near Venezia, which appear to suit Lazio pretty well. By that time, Lazio had already signed 2-3 players and a couple of more were about to have their transfers completed. Once Lotito …

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Jul 27

Photo of the week: Alvaro Gonzalez

For this week, there is no better photo that the one showing our own Alvaro Gonzalez winning Coppa America with his national team Uruguay. He is shown here lifting the trophy together with Diego Forlan on his left. Congratulations “El Tata”  

Jul 21

Photo of the week: Edy Reja laughing hard

As of today, I will start a new category of posts on my blog. It is simple, I will chose (choose well that is) a photo related to my Lazio. The photo may be current, from the past, a former player, former episode, a photo depicting an unusual moment or simply an outstanding capture of …

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