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Aug 08

Post Auronzo and Fiuggi – it`s 4-2-3-1 and I like it

It was hardly a surprise when Lazio management decided to go on with summer`s longest training camp at Auronzo di Cadore, a place near Venezia, which appear to suit Lazio pretty well. By that time, Lazio had already signed 2-3 players and a couple of more were about to have their transfers completed. Once Lotito …

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Mar 18

An appeal to all Lazio fans

LAZIALI! We are currently in the middle of the worst moment of our history and we have never experienced this much ‘giving up’. Lazio is slowly slipping down to Serie B and is at risk of complete failure and disappearance from football for many years. The situation in Rome is serious and the fans have …

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Jan 11

19 games – 0 positives

I don`t have to apologize I guess for not posting for soooo long. This season we suck. If you followed the team, you know what I mean. I came up with this piece while trying to summ up the first part of the season. Good read: ============= My naivity might have gone as much as …

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Apr 24

What are we to feel this season ?

I am once again returning to write after a long long period of going dark. Just after we started to win some matches after that misarable form, during which we lost 5 matches and equalized 1 (thus dropping even behind roma in the standings) and just when we were facing the weakest team in the …

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Mar 17

Cribari no longer feels wanted

Lazio crashed to a 3-0 defeat to Chievo on Sunday with defender Emilson Cribari taking the defeat particularly badly. The 29-year –old Brazilian defender was substituted with 8 minutes to go and was booed off the park by his own fans. This resulted in Cribari breaking down in tears after the match. Following the game, …

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Mar 16

Lazio – Chievo 0-3

No comment. Just watch the highlights. A total embarrassment, with hardly one chance created by Foggia.

Mar 15

Guido De Angelis for Ugo Longo

Dear readers and Lazio fans, Guido de Angelis (in case yuo don`t know him), is editor in Chief of Lazialita and a huge Lazio fans. Yesterday I came across a letter of his dedicated to the late president Ugo Longo. I translated it in English as better I could (excuse me for any potential mistakes). …

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Mar 14

Ugo Longo passed away

It has been reported today in the Italian media, that former Lazio president, and a very loyal laziale, lawyer UGO LONGO has passed away, at the age of 68. Mr. Longo has been suffering from an ilness for a long time now. Lazio  asked Lega Calcio for a minute of silence and wearing black armbands …

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Mar 13

Few thoughts

It has been a quite week for us, Lazio fans, as the focus had shifted to some interesting Champions League matches. There was little to write I think, perhaps until today, when some interesting news appeared about Lazio. The first is regarding a deal that apparently Lotito signed with an italian firm INDESIT a commercial …

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Mar 09

Carrizo should be worried!

Just a quick note, with regards to some issues floating around my thoughts, when I think of our situations recently. I think JP Carrizo should be worried. The current form of Muslera, which is growing match after match, is reallyt impressive. His saves against Napoli yesterday, were one of the best seen this season in …

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