Sep 10

[Report] Milan-Lazio 2-2 or half full, half empty?

So, it’s Milan as first game. Away, at San Siro against the Italian Champions and our traditional bete noire, a game that is usually as pleasant as a visit at the dentist’s, but here we are.

Reja lines up the predicted 4-2-3-1, with Konko and Zauri on the wings and Klose up front.Hernanes, Mauri and Cisse just behind the German.

And Lazio get off to a quite good start, with the German opening the score after 12 minutes with an aerial dribbling on Nesta and a shoot that beats Abbiati. We’re leading 1-0, assist from Mauri.

"Miro Klose vs AC Milan"

The score could have been bigger for us if a few minutes later, Cissé would have been cooler in front of Abbiati, taking advantage of a Nesta-Gattuso clash which left the Frenchman all alone, only to shot right at Milan goalkeeper. Cisse had a chance to pass, but he was bit selfish on this occasion.

It was only a question of minutes before Cissé scored, with a header on a cross from Mauri (again). Twenty minutes and we were 2-0 up at Milan, not bad as start.

"Cisse vs AC MILAN"

But at this stage of the game, Lazio seemed to sit down and Milan began to rise the pressure on our defense. Zauri could not prevent the ball coming to Cassano and his cross found Ibrahimovic alone to score few steps from goal.

The equalizer came few minutes later, corner kick for Milan and Cassano headed home while Zauri watched him jumping. 2-2 and so ends the first half.

In the second one, Milan pressure decreased as minutes went by but Bizzarri remarkably saved on an Ibrahimovic’s shot and at the other end of the pitch, Cissé went close to scoring, but Nesta was quicker than him.

At the end of the game, it’s 2-2, good result anyway, tonight the glass is full…

If this match was an indication of this Serie A season, than I am delighted to say we will be witnessing a wonderful year.

"Albano Bizzari vs AC MILAN"

"Cisse vs Nesta"


  1. Humbird

    Let’s say Half full.

    1. admin

      Agreed on this one!

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