Sep 08

[Preview] – AC Milan vs SS Lazio



To start the Serie A campaign against the current champions and the favorites to win it again is no something that you hope for, but the suspension of Serie A when Lazio was supposed to face Chievo at Olimpico brought us just that!

You probably know by now but in case you don`t, Lazio has not win @ Milan for some really long time now (22 years to be more precise – February 1989) and if AC Milan play with their full team (which most probably they will) this is not likely to change.

Now, don`t get me wrong, it is not that I am pesimistic, but for some reason Milan always play good against us, regardless who they play in their team and regardless who we play in our team.

Now that we have added some experience in the form of Miro Klose and Djibril Cisse might change things, though AC Milan are very tough when the ball goes in their last quarter. They concede very little to opponents and when you have a defensive partnership consisting of Thiago Silva and Alesssandro Nesta, little more can be said in this regard.

Nevertheless, contrary to other times when we play this fixture, I notice a larger sence of optimism in the statements of our players. It appears the likes of Cisse and Klose can`t wait to play in an importat match for their new team and some like Konko and Bizzari want to prove their worth and that they deserve to play for our colors!

Team news and our possible line-up:

We will be missing 2 starters for sure: goalkeeper Marchetti, who will have to serve another match for a suspension he got from Cagliari. Also, we will miss Stefan Radu who is injured and is expected out for 10 days at least.

Some more bad news came yesterday. Namely, the new arrival Lorik Cana picked up an injury in his right thigh and will likewise be out for at least 10 days. His absence will hurt the team more for the other upcoming matches rather than against AC Milan, but this is something worth of note.

All in all, Edy Reja will most probably start with the following formation, in a pure 4-2-3-1, with basically only Miro Klose as a lone striker, but with a lot of support from Cisse, Hernanes and Mauri:

"AC MIlan vs SS Lazio 2011"


  1. Humbird

    Let the season begin!

    1. admin

      Had Stefan Radu been playing instead of disastrous Zauri, we would have actually start the new season in style. Not that a draw is not satisfactory.

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