Sep 12

Player ratings vs AC Milan

The following are player ratings from Milan vs Lazio:

Bizzari – 7,5; What an incredible performance by a forgotten goalie. Together with Cagliari`a Aggazi, probably the goalkeepr of the week in Serie A.

Konko – 6; A better performance from the Frenchman than I though. Good and stable most of the time, though Cassano gave him some hard time in the second half. Positive overall.

Biava – 6,5: Beppe picks it up where he left last season. Alongside Dias they are a good defensive duo. Hope both of them stay fit as much as possible during the season.

Dias – 6,5; Just like Biava above, more than a solid performance by the Brasilian.

Zauri – 4; The weakest link in our defense and personally responsible for allowing both Milan goals. On the first occasion he misread the ball going towards Cassano and then again beaten by the latter after the corner kick.

Brocchi – 6; As usual, a lot of running against a tough opponent. Good tactically. Intercepted some dangerous balls coming towards our defense.

Ledesma – 5,5: I expected much more from Cris. He was less in contact with the ball as usual so perhaps that could have affected his game.

Mauri – 7: Is there a better way to start a new season than with providing assists to your strikers. Awesome Stefano, awesone.

Hernanes – 5,5: Just like in the case of Ledesma, I expected more from Hernanes. He should have moved better and ask for the ball more often. Without the ball he is invisible.

Cisse – 7; A lovely goal in his Serie A debut and 2-3 more chances to grab the winner for Lazio. We can only hope that his form continues.

Klose – 7; A goal in Serie A debut. Good movements up front. We need to keep him healthy by all means. Crucial.


Below are the highlights in case you missed the match!



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