Sep 27

Lotito`s letter to Lazio fans

The events from Lazio week concerning the resignation of Edy Reja and subsequent events, pushed Lazio President Claudio Lotito to go public with a letter aimed at Lazio fans.

It is an interesting letter and a good act by the President. Sometimes the fans are easily manipulated by ill-intent media who do all that it takes to disturb the environment of SS LAZIO.

The translation is courtesy of my friends from LazioLand.com

What turns a simple game in a sport?

The main things are the rules.

The rules of a sport are many and complex, and include every situation that may occur on the field, called a “game”.

The real difference between game and sport is probably the tension created on the field.

In the game the result is important to a certain point. What matters the most is the fun that goes with it: the laughter, the relationship that develops between the participants, the contact between the people who help to facilitate the game.

In sport, however, the weight of the responsibility is much more and clear, the final outcome has a value that is missing in a game. And so that sport becomes a show, a sporting event and it also makes sense, because there are spectators, because there are fans that tremble, wait and hope.

This is sport. As each of us, freely, led by our hearts, from our attachment to the colors of the fans, participate knowing that there are rules to follow: conduct, morale, ethics, respect.

Lately, I wonder if some dissension on the life of our team is a product petty and jealous behavior (or even artfully designed to destabilize the team), that always provokes Lazio, or criticism made in real life.

I would like that criticism to be a product of certain data processing and on a long period; to be a product of minds accustomed to discern, minds, which know, that “losing a battle doesn’t mean you lost the war”(the championship is long), and not the product of brainwashing, implemented by some media, tools of certain people who “love” to throw mud on our team, creating confusion, discontent, disappointment and a late sense of inadequacy.

After so many journeys, after so many battles fought and won, after a lot of satisfaction, the great Biancoceleste family should loudly refuse to undergo a similar treatment by all those who always are against. A community, Lazio, which bases its life on loyalty, honesty, freedom, morality and this must be clear to all. We Laziali are not helpless matter that can be molded the first who passes; our pride, the greatness of our souls, our hearts will not let anyone, for any reason, treat us like a “MINUS”. We refuse, to repeat as cowards, phrases packed with shady characters, who pretend to be masters of sport, life and morals. These individuals may think they can do it with others, but not us Laziali.

If anyone from these “black shadows” misunderstood the anger in our comment for a slight hiccup from disaffection, for despondency, for defeatism, for… well you are wrong. There are not the Laziali. The people are critical, yes, but are more and more close and compact to defend the players, when the “black shadows” are reaching out…

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  1. Humbird

    Why can’t we get through a season without some kind of drama?

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