Sep 15

[Match report] Lazio-Vaslui 2-2 – highlights and ratings

Calamity Zauri strikes back, had this game to go under a title, that would be the most appropriate. After costing us two goals against Milan, today he cuised to a decent performance through the first half, a wee bit like the rest of the team, who without even put the fifth gear on, was still leading thanks to a penalty kick from Cissé, after Rocchi was knocked down. Until then, Sculli, Gonzalez and Rocchi, all had good chances to score, but Vaslui’s goalkeeper seemed quite in form.

Second half, and while Lazio were still trotting up, Vaslui looked more and more dangerous, until Calamity entered the show: Vaslui’s first goal is too similar to Milan’s equalizer last Friday, with Zauri observing his opponent score, and the second goal, he fails to put forward offside and has to foul him (although the foul starts outseid the penalty box), earning a well deserved red card.

With the burden finally off, Lazio rise the pace and first equalize through Sculli, and then go very close to score the winner when Kozak misses a very good chance. Two points thrown out the window, but at least there’s some hope that Calamity will spend the next games on the stands.

Player ratings:

Marchetti 6

Zauri 4 –

Diakité 6 –

Dias 6,5 –

Lulic 6 –

Gonzalez 6,5 –

Ledesma 5,5 –

Matuzalem 5,5 –

Sculli 6,5 –

Rocchi 6,5 –

Cissé 7

Kozak 5,5 – Hernanes 5,5 – Konko 6

Highlights of the match:


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