Sep 25

[Match report] Lazio-Palermo 0-0 and player ratings

Last season, home to Palermo was probably the easiest game. The men in pink came to the Olimpico after the home disaster vs Udinese (0-7) and with a new coach. A brace from Sculli in the first quarter of an hour was enough to seal the match. This time, though, they came with a new coach but with a different spirit.

And Palermo started well, creating some good chances, a few of them thanks also to our defense failures at doing that bloody offside tactic. Good that Marchetti was in a on-day and did a few good saves. From the other side of the pitch, Tzorvas had to wait the end of the first half to do a save, when he punched away a shot from Hernanes.

The second half was different. Brocchi got on for Cana, and gave Lazio some pace lifting, at the very last, since Lazio midfield today was in a bad day. Hard to create chances of the source is dry. Luckily Lulic on the left was inspired today, more than Konko on the other wing, and Hernanes showed some encouraging signs of getting back to the player he was last season.

Tzorvas was the most committed goalkeeper in the second half, doing at least four great saves, but the goalless score remained until the end.


Marchetti –  6,5; Brilliant match by Federico. Some excellent saves. Very stable.
Konko 6 – Overall a nice match, but nothing out of extraordinary.
Diakité 7 – Very solid.
Dias 7 – Good overall match by Andre. We need him to be at the top.
Lulic 6,5 – His best match so far, in particular when moving forward.
Cana 5,5 – So and so, a totally unnecessary yellow card.
Ledesma 5 – I have no idea what is going on with Cris? Anyone?
Matuzalem 5 – Confused when in the same line-up with Ledesma,
Hernanes 6 – Slightly better today.
Cissé 6 – Marked very well throughout the match. Two powerful shots saved by Tsortas.
Klose 7 – Brilliant once agains but unlucky to score.

Brocchi 6,5 – I don`t really know the reason he was put on for Cana, but he failed to change the course of the match.
Sculli – nv.


  1. Andika Dwipayana (@andikadwipayana)

    we were unlucky. Cisse did wonderfully to beat the defender some times on the second half, but Palermo’s goalie was on his day. Any other day, Cisse would score that. Dias also had that free header chance that, unfortunately, wasted

  2. admin

    You are right there, we were indeed slightly unlucky but we must also admit that Palermo was very organized that day and Matias Silvestre and their goalkeeper Tsarvas were fantastic.
    On the other note we are dropping far too much points at home and this must improve.

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