Sep 18

[Match report] Lazio-Genoa 1-2 and player ratings

Last time Genoa played at the Olimpico, they were the better team in the first half and then collapsed to a 4-2 defeat in the second one. Today the contrary happened. After a nightmare start with our defense going on with the Sunday afternoon siesta, Lazio started creating dangers on the wings, with Lulic and Sculli, especially, making life hard on the left to Genoa defenders. And it was the former Genoa forward to open the score on a cross from Klose.

Then, Lazio continued to be dangerous, and Klose went klose (sorry…) to score the second, but sent the ball wide. Cissé and Konko, on the the other side, were also putting pressure on Genoa.

But as happened at San Siro and against Vaslui, this team seem like a car who haven’t got all the petrol to run all the way. After 40 minutes, the power light started lighting red, and Genoa grew up to control the match, also thanks to their half time substitute Jorquera, who dribbled half of our defense before giving the ball to Palacio, one to one with Marchetti, to score Genoa’s equalizer.

Lazio reaction was more out of nerves than technically fit, and with our defense giving a sense of frailty evry time Genoa attacked (and Biava’s injury after a head clash with Ledesma only made it worse), the visitor’s goal was only a question of time, much like last Thursday in the Europa League.

It was Kucka who scored, after another mistake of our defense and their failed offside tactic, added to the fact that Diakité fell running over Marchetti. At that stage of the game, Lazio’s energies were close to zero, and Genoa could breeze through the rest of the game quite easily.


Marchetti 5,5 – expect more from him.
Konko 5 – if he wants us to forget Lichsteiner, he must produce more.
Biava 6 – one of the best today (if not the best)
Dias 5,5 – had an off day.
Lulic 6 – Positive performance overall. Better than Zauri at least.
Brocchi 6,5 – How much energy does this man have.
Matuzalem 5,5 – Good in the first half, completely dissapeared in the second.
Cissé 6,5 – Another good match from the Frenchmen.
Hernanes 5,5 – ???
Sculli 6 – A goal scored, an excellent chance missed. Nothing else.
Klose 5,5 – Good in the first half, poor in the second.

Diakité 5,5
Ledesma 5,5
Stankevicius nv


  1. Omar

    Reja’s comments are unhelpful – regarding Lulic’s mistakes and tiredness levels.

    He is at fault for a silly substiution that was defensively minded – taking Hernanes off for a half asleep Ledesma who then walked into the lamp post that is Biava without looking. It was ridiculous.

    We had just conceded, and our most attack minded player is Hernanes. After that substitution everything went downhill.

    Reja – give the team a 10 minutes or more to react after conceding a goal, and think about what the hell you want from the game. You deserve what you got.

    Lulic was not at fault for the first goal.

    shambolic 2nd half – all thanks to Reja in my opinion.
    You have to admire the attack mentality of Malesani’s teams – beautiful.

  2. Humbird

    I have liked Malesani since he coached Fiorentina in the late ’90’s.

    1. admin

      Malesani is in fact a very decent coach. I like him too.

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