Jul 21

Photo of the week: Edy Reja laughing hard

As of today, I will start a new category of posts on my blog.

It is simple, I will chose (choose well that is) a photo related to my Lazio.

The photo may be current, from the past, a former player, former episode, a photo depicting an unusual moment or simply an outstanding capture of a football match, training session or whatever – but always related to Lazio.

Today`s shot which is the first one at the same time, is Edy Reja, captured laughing quite well.The photo was apparently taken following Lazio friendly vs Luzer which finished 5-1. Mister is obviously satisfied and relieved with the performance of his team.

"Edy Reja smiling"


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  1. Humbird

    I look forward to more of these! :)

    1. admin

      I hope I will not forget to post a weekly photo!

  2. TAO

    Hello, I’m a chinese lazio fan?
    Unfortunately i could not speak italian
    So could I translate your infos and images in my forum?
    Of course, I will introduce your blog to other Chinese Lazio fans.
    Best wishes and give me an email

    1. admin

      Hi Tao,
      Yes you can translate the text and images, but you always have to refer to my blog (of course when you use the material from it).
      Also, give me the link to your forum. Best.

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