Jul 19

Few words on Federico Marchetti and Marius Stankevicious


Only few weeks back, none of us Lazio fans would have believed that Federico Marccheti and Marius Stankevicious would today be Lazio players in full effect. They were just two names of random Serie A players which only Serie A fanatics would know.

However, as all of us are aware now SS Lazio has taken a totally unorthodox approach in this mercato campaign by basically closing it (at least in the incoming level) before it actually began. The two above mentioned players, joined our team in different circumstances and somewhat surprisingly.


I say surprisingly because none of us though that there was a chance the Nando Muslera would leave us at this point. None of us believed that his apetite for money had reached the levels of failing to agree a deal with our own Claudio Lotito. And once things have gone beyond repair and it became clear that Muslera was not going to sign an extension, our management immediately turned attention to an unsettled Federico Marccheto of Cagliari, who had his share of uneasiness with his President. And while Lazio stroke an agreement with Marchetti`s agent easily and quickly, the opposite was expected wit Cagliari President Celino, who is in very bad terms with Lazio`s Lotito. However, Lazio was lucky enough as Marchetti had a release clause in his contract of 5,8 mil Euros payable in three years so whoever came with that amount, Celino could do nothing. He did however tried to stall the deal by offering the goalkeeper to AC Milan (who ever after a back up for Abbiati) but the player had given his word to Lazio and he stuck to it.

Now Marccheti comes to Lazio after almost one season without playing (due to disagreements with Celino) but his qualities remainĀ  unquestionable. Former Lazio keeper Marcchegianni hailed his arrival saying that he is even better than the outgoing Muslera and today Angelo Peruzzi echoed those voiced saying that Lazio has signed a great keeper in Federico Marcheti.

Marchetti faces a difficult task of replacing Nando Muslera, who has been fantastic in the Coppa America so far.


When we got up one morning and started the rutine of checking the rumours, there was a news that Lazio signed from Sampdoria Marius Stankevicious for 1 mill Euros on a 3 years contract worth 800,000 Euros per season. He was on loan to Valencia last season and did OK.

Now where did that come from I though to myself. There was not even a single indication that we would sign him. Apparently Igli Tare made a ‘blic’ as Italians say it, knowing the qualities of the player back from their days together at Brescia. The Lithuanian as a joker, basically capable of playing in all positing in defense but he played on the wings more often. Since we had just purchased Konko and Lulic and having backups in Scaloni, Cavanda, Del Nero I did not see the rationale behind this move, but appears Edy Reja has other plans.

In fact, based on training session and three friendlies Stankevicious was brought to be the first back-up to Dias and Biava, ie, he was brought to play in the center of defense. These are only initial stages of the preparations so much can still happen. As Lazio will fight in 3 fronts, I am convinced Stanke will find sufficient playing time.

"Marius Stankevicious"

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