Jun 17

Senad Lulic signs with Lazio and what it means for the team

I will be brutally honest: I had never heard of Senad Lulic before he was being linked to Lazio. Once a team signs a player that noone has heard of before the clouds of suspicion immediately arise. But, the same occurred when Lazio had signed a certain Aleksandar Kolarov and Stephan Lichsteiner. In those cases too, I had never heard of them but they turned out to be more than solid players whose market and football value at Lazio rose ten times in comparison to the one they had when they arrived.

Below, I will try to answer several questions which one might make considering this acquisition.

Why did Lazio sign Senad Lulic and what is his position?

Ever since Kolarov left for Manchester City last season, Lazio found itself without a natural left wind defender. (Now you may argue that we got Garrido in return, but he was injured for a long time and Lazio knew they could not count on him). Reja tried Simone del Nero in the first match vs Samp, but it appears that experiment failed and he opted for Stefan Radu istead, who basically played whole season on the left with significant success.

So the first thing Tare did was find Reja that type of a player. Lulic however appears to be a very versatile left winger who can play in various positions. He likes to attack a lot and has scored 9 times last season, which is an amazing figure for such a player. He has a strong shot and likes to move forward a lot. He has a very good pace and likes to press opposition wingers. His defensive abilities are are rather unknown and for that he has to convince Reja during the summer.

Where does he fit in the new Lazio ?

This is a very tricky question, more so as we still do not know whether Edy Reja will opt to change his formation from 4-2-3-1 to 3-4-2-1. In the latter formation Lulic would fit perfectly. If Reja decides to go with 4 at the back, do not be surprised if Lulic remains on the bench or in a more surprising move, he would take the spot of Stefano Mauri in 3 men midfield. These are only speculations for the time being. Senad has the entire summer in front of him to convince Reja that he has what it needs to feature for Lazio in a more competitive Serie A for a while.


Lulic is reportedly paid around 3 million Euros to the Swiss side Young Boys. Senad Lulic to Lazio seems to be a clever move from the team management. Tare has become one hell of a good scout or has good advisers. If Lulic takes the starting position come late August, it means he has convinced Edy Reja and the coaching staff and he is ready to go. He speaks Italian fluently, so out mister will have an easier job to communicate his ideas to him.

Benvenutto Senad

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