Jun 06

Season grades and performances – Attack

After analyzing last week the performances of Lazio defense and midfield, I conclude the rating by analyzing and the attack. We all expected more from the likes of Zarate and Floccari and much less from Kozak.

Mauro Zarate – 5,5: I honestly expected so much more from the player whom we purchased for 20+ million Euros and top earner in this team. Rather, Maurito comes with a totally inconsistent season, scoring few goals and having little impact on the team performance.  He had a nice run of form by the season`s end: against Catania, Inter, Juve but the missed penalty against Udinese wrapped up the season for him. In all honesty, I wish a buyer is found for him and he leaves Lazio, though I acknowledge that many will disagree with this conclusion.

Sergi Floccari – 5,5: Just like in the above case with Zarate, we expected more from Sergio too. However, I will justify him with the way Edy Reja fielded our forward line. He was seldom playing as a pure striker or for that matter, accompanied by another striker up front. By the season`s end, to make things worse Reja fielded him rather wide, a position which he obviously can`t perform. What I did like is his goal against AC Milan at Olimpico. That was classy.

Tommaso Rocchi 6: He missed a good part of the season due to an injury. Only when he returned we did realize that if we had him available during some tough stretches of this season, we would probably have taken this CP spot, which we missed by a thread. Il Capitano is a forward we missed dearly in several matches were Zarate or Floccari couldn`t break opposition defenses.

Giuseppe Sculli 6: Came in January from Genoa though slightly injured. He missed some matches but I liked him when he played that wide left forward in some matches. Often criticized by other fans and to some extent by certain media, I think he was quite useful for Reja`s tactics. He had a nice several matches before getting injured again by the end of the season. Expected to be picked up from Genoa and expect him to have a serious role next summer.

Libor Kozak 7: True revelation of this season, not only for Lazio but probably for the entire Serie A. He would enter in the second half and score some decisive goals. A physically strong, tall and long legs, a true nightmare even for most experienced Serie A defenders. Lazio received a lot of offers for him as soon as the season ended, but Lotito and Reja regard him as a strong center piece for next season. Daje Libor.


  1. Humbird

    Zarate was the biggest disappointment for me.

    1. admin

      Same here Humbird.
      He needs to do a lot to make things change next season. He is just to inconsistent for out ambitions and often disobeys coach`s instructions.

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