Jun 10

Miro Klose joins Lazio and what it means for the team

Those of you who are unfamiliar with Miroslav Klose`s transfer to Lazio or if you were caught by surprise by this move, here is a short history of the case. Last January, Lazio coach Edy Reja had asked the team for a pure striker. Lazio have scouted and shortlisted two: Hugo Almeida (who ultimately ended in Besiktar, who offered him double what Lazio did) and Miro Klose. Lazio opted for Klose, but back then the latter was still under contract with FC Bayern Munich and they requested several million Euros in order to let him go. Lazio failed to meet their asking price and opted to sign him this summer – which they basically did. Worth noting here is that Igli Tare had an influence in convincing him to join Lazio, as they played together in Kaiserslautern.

Now few things should be taken in mind. It is a no brainer that Miro Klose will be a starter for Lazio and will seek to have as much playing time possible and score, in order to make the cut for Germany`s NT for Euro 2012.

Klose`s arrival will probably mean that  one of the current Lazio strikers will have to leave. Zarate would be Reja`s first choice for leaving, but his valuation and recent form does not promise that Lotito would get in return the cash he spent on him. Kozak is no way leaving, he proved to be valuable and Reja placed his veto. Rocchi is in the last season of his contract and he does not mind starting from the bench. This leaves unfortunate Sergio Floccari, whom I value as a player and person. He will be the scapegoat for Lazio`s offensive issues during the last season. Parma is reportedly interested in him but it remains to be seen what happens at the end. Mercato has just started and everything can happen.

Edy Reja is planning to play with 2 strikers next season and still utilize Hernanes as trequartista. Not the question remains whether he will continue with 4-3-1-2, or will go with 3-4-1-2. The latter formation is in particular favorable if Senad Lulic is officially signing with us. He is rumored to be perfect for that role.

Regardless of the formation or tactical set-up in the middle, we should expect that Miroslav Klose will be a starter in this team and will provide his valuable experience to this Lazio team and offense, which occasionally lacked.

And how Italian Lazio fans would say, Benvenutto Miro – uno dio noi


  1. Humbird

    Never liked him much, but if he can help Lazio, more power to him.

  2. admin

    He has some strange feeling about the goal. Tactically he might become crucial for Lazio`s offense next season. Hope this deal works and Reja knows what`s his planning.

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