Monthly Archive: June 2011

Jun 24

New Lazio jerseys for 2011/12

Hello folks. Just a quick one this time. As you may be aware, Lazio introduced new jerseys only moments ago with a totally unusual way. The jerseys were introduced at Piazza Spagna with some 100 people wearing them and playing football at the site in question. I will update this thread whith professional photos released …

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Jun 18

Roberto Mancini`s backheel goal in Parma-Lazio

In one football forum, someone had started an argument based on a quote by Real Madrid current President. He said that Zinedine Zidane`s goal in Real Madrid vs Bayer Leverkusen Champions League final was the best goal in football. As one would expect, a lot of people jumped in the discussion suggesting this and that …

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Jun 17

Senad Lulic signs with Lazio and what it means for the team

I will be brutally honest: I had never heard of Senad Lulic before he was being linked to Lazio. Once a team signs a player that noone has heard of before the clouds of suspicion immediately arise. But, the same occurred when Lazio had signed a certain Aleksandar Kolarov and Stephan Lichsteiner. In those cases …

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Jun 10

Miro Klose joins Lazio and what it means for the team

Those of you who are unfamiliar with Miroslav Klose`s transfer to Lazio or if you were caught by surprise by this move, here is a short history of the case. Last January, Lazio coach Edy Reja had asked the team for a pure striker. Lazio have scouted and shortlisted two: Hugo Almeida (who ultimately ended …

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Jun 06

Season grades and performances – Attack

After analyzing last week the performances of Lazio defense and midfield, I conclude the rating by analyzing and the attack. We all expected more from the likes of Zarate and Floccari and much less from Kozak. Mauro Zarate – 5,5: I honestly expected so much more from the player whom we purchased for 20+ million …

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Jun 02

Season grades and performances – Midfield

After grading and analyzing the performance of Lazio defense during the last season (which if you missed can be found here) today it is the turn to grade the performance of Lazio midfielders. Ledesma – 7,5: This was probably Cris`s best season since he arrived at Lazio. Leaving his contractual problems behind, he had focused …

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