May 12

The nerves are to blame

Below, I tried to translate into English an interesting editorial from the Italian daily IL TEMPO. I tried my best, hope you understand something.

The federal prosecutor, with a speed of elephant (the facts date back to March 13), has charged Stefan Radu for the rude gestures aimed at Roma following his expulsion in the last derby. The Lazio defender, after being shown a  red card for the headbut aimed at Simplicio, while leaving the field had turned towards the stands with the gesture of the pachyderm (elephant) a behavior which failed to  escape the cameras.

The referral of Radu, which also involves Lazio for liability, is the latest in a long series of disciplinary action that, in the second round, has decimated the biancocelesti in every game. The figure is impressive: 21-match ban from January onwards. Since, that is, Zarate threw a ball into the defender’s head Rubin in the Bologna match by the end of the match, causing a fight and gotten them to stop three rounds later reduced to two.

Since then there has been an escalation which culminated in the derby, where in addition to Radu made it costs for insults Tagliavento Ledesma, and continued in the ‘quiet’  matches as like at home with Cesena (elbow of Matuzalem to Jimenez, three rounds) or away against Inter (football game to catch Mauri Nagatomo, two matches), up to fighting it out in Udine where Brocchi, already warned, remedied the vibrant yellow fatal to protest against Rizzoli.

Lazio nerves probably resulted from the many wrongs complained of arbitration. From protest to charges of Lotito Reja’s team has felt the victim of a “conspiracy” and has made it increasingly difficult to control behavior and reactions. And to no avail the repeated appeals for calm coach. So much so that the high price has affected the price paid even more Champions sprint to the contested decisions of the referees. Saturday against Genoa Reja finally recover Mauri and Ledesma, but will be without, again for disciplinary reasons, brocades, Dias and Kozak. Bearing in mind the long list of formal notice (there are still marked with the names of Ledesma, Biava, Bresciano and Stendardo) is the risk that the trail of disqualification is not yet finished and is raising the issue of a short bench  for being able to aim really ambitious goals.

"Radu Simplicio derby"


  1. Humbird

    thanks for doing that translation!

    1. admin

      You`re most welcome :)

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