May 30

Season grades and performances – Defense

If for anything else, we, the Lazio fans can be proud of our defense. Only the Serie A winner AC Milan had a better defensive record that we did. The arrivals of Dias and Biava proved to be crucial in obtaining this record. Worth noting are also good performances by Radu and in particular Lichsteiner who were solid. Below, find individual ratings for the 2010/11 season:

Muslera – 6,5: Overall a solid season for Nando. He had some brilliant matches, but also some horrible ones. Luckily the former outweigh the latter. Goals conceded against Udinese at Olimpico as well as the one scored by Cavani vs Napoli away left us uneasy. But also, he was often crucial with his interventions on several occasions and hold a part of the merit for our second best defensive record in the league.

Lichtsteiner – 7,5: Even though Milan`s Abate is considered the best RB in Serie A this season, don`t be mislead. It is our Swiss dude who was more consistent throughout the season. It was his best season since he joined Lazio. Licht never stops running and is active both in offense and defense. You can rarely catch him outside his position. Despite strong rumors of his departure, I hope remains with us. He would be difficult to substitute. Only Muslera, Dias and Biava played more minuted than him this season.

Andre Dias – 8: Along with Milan`s Thiago Silva, the best central defender in Serie A this season. He was superb, brilliant all along. Good in the air, strong in marking and fast. A player Lazio needed since the departure of Nesta and Stam. We must stick to Andre if we wish to retain the same defensive record in the next season. Also, scored a winning goal against Palermo away. Only Muslear and Biava played more than Dias this season.

Biava – 7: Beppe has exceeded his expectations. When he arrived from Genoa, we though he was only an average Serie A defender. But apparently Reja knew him well enough to instantly make him a starter. He did not dissapoint, though has been unfortunate on several occasion, with the most recent one being when he slip against Inter and basically giving Eto`o the goal. After Muslera, Biava is the player with most minutes played for Lazio this season: 3041 minutes played during the season. Scored several times this season, which makes him dangerous up front.

Radu – 7:  Stefan Radu enjoyed a good season overall. He was excellent as a left back, though his game in offense is rather limited. But his primary role is central defense so we cannot hold him for that. Radu could have had a better mark, but missed a great deal of matches due to injuries and suspension. He is young, has room for improvement and more importantly, he is sticking with us for some time.

Stendardo – 6,5:  A player I admire a log. Willy did not have a lot of playing time, but he never complained being a reserve. However, whenever he featured, he was good, solid. We must stick to him by any means. Lazio will feature in Europe and we need quality replacements for Biava and Dias.

Diakite – 6: Just like Stendardo, he was solid whenever he featured. Once again, he got serious injury and was basically out for several months now.

Scaloni – 6: Proved to be a valuable replacement be that on the right or left when we missed Licht or Radu. Surprisingly, featured more often than we though he would. Whenever he played, he was solid and provided veteran presence at the back.

Garrido – 5,5: Spend rehabilitating a good part of this season. Once Radu got the suspension he featured several matches in a row and was solid. Then game the Udinese match when he was totally outplayed and cough off position which cost us dearly. His game is not suited to Serie A and perhaps the best would be if he returns to Spain.

Berni – 6,5: Whenever Muslera would miss a match, he was there to start. He did not disappoint. He did not make any blunders or could be held accountable for a goal scored against us. Too bad he is probably leaving us. His contract expired and apparently he failed to find a common language with the team to extend.

Del Nero – no vote: He featured little to be legible for a grade.

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