May 20

Lecce vs Lazio, match preview



So, we take on Lecce in the ultimate match of season, a match that can decide nothing, or could be historic. Considering the circumstances, it is quite unlike for the latter to occur.

So, what is actually at stake here? Theoretically, we could still grab the last Champions League, but for that to happen AC Milan needs to beat Udinese away. And why would AC Milan care to make a perfect display against a team they hardly drew at home and in particular since they have been officially new Serie A champs? I don`t say they will not try, but Udinese has to make a suicidal performance in the last round for such a thing to actually have the chance of taking place.

The other thing is that, we have to finish above the other team from the capital. This is much closer to reality. They have an easy ride against an already relegated Sampdoria, so in that case we will need a point from Lecce to finish above them. Also, finishing 5th would give us direct access to Europa League, without having to play qualifications.

This is so far as the motives for this match are concerned. With respect to the possible line up that would face Lecce, first of all we have Brocchi, Kozak and Dias returning from their suspensions. So, expect all of them to start. In particular, Edy Reja is thinking of fielding Rocchi and Kozak up front with Floccari and Zarate relegated to the bench, but it is still early to judge that. For the time being, this looks like the probable vs Lecce:

Muslera; Licht, Dias, Biava, Garrido; Brocchi, Ledesma, Mauri; Hernanes; Rocchi, Kozak

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