May 23

Lecce-Lazio 2-4! Europa League it is

And so it happened just like we all believe it would: Lazio got the win at Lecce but failed to grasp the final CL spot, despite having the same number of points as Udinese.

Believe it or nor, I intentionally did not watch the match, as it was obvious that the other match played at the same time between Udinese and the newly crowned champions Ac Milan was more decisive than Lazio one.

So, Edy Reja`s boys did their part and won the last match but to no avail. Udinese knew that a draw would mean they go to CL premilinaries. AC Milan had nothing to play for, they had secured the Serie A title and nothing was at stake.

Actually, when Di Natali missed the penalty midwat through the second half, for one moment I though that this could be a sign that would change the match. Somehow, Udinese would succumb to the pressure and concede a late goal somehow. But that wasn`t to happen aways.

I have tried to and am trying to remain optimistic and most probably few months ago I would grab this fifth spot right away, but now that we were so close, it feels like we were robbed, we missed to many chances against Napoli, Inter, Juve and ultimately Udinese. Had one of these encounters ended in a draw, we could have been celebrating an amazing achievement today.

Below, I am posting some photos of the last match of the season. Tommy Rocchi has indeed provided to be valuable in the closing part of the season and makes us seriously wonder what could have been had we had him all the time.


"Hernanes and Zarate"


  1. Humbird

    Thank you so much, Amir, for your blog this season. It really helped me keep up with the team. Your efforts are appreciated.

    1. admin

      You are most welcomed Humbird!
      Keep visiting the blog, as I plan to continue writing during the summer.

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