May 01

Lazio vs Juve: preview



Four matches from the end, no more calculations. We have to give everything, do everything to finish 4th. Juventus come injured after a disastrous last second goal received from Catania last week, a goal which basically diminished their chances for a 4th spot fight. Starting from tomorrow, every match is the most important one. Lazio will have an advantage of knowing the results of other opponents (Udinese and roma) before entering the Juve match.
Lazio on the other hand has to do without Mauri (suspended for 2 matches) and a lot of injured defenders. Matuzalem will return from his long suspension but I doubt he will start.Sculli, who was first though to start, got injured again and will miss this match. There are some indications that Reja will opt for a 4-4-2, but given the fact that such a system was utilized so seldom this season, I doubt he will go with this formation.

Lazio failed to beat Juve at Olimpico since 2003 and given the way we lost our away match with Juve, this would be a perfect time to beat them.

There is little else to say at this stage, the lads must enter fully concentrated and fight. We are so close to reaching a goal we did not even think few months back. Forza ragazzi.

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