May 03

Lazio – Juve: the old song

After such a defeat, it is quite a difficult task to write a match report, or whatever of substance for last night`s match. I so much wish to omit the mentioning of referees in a match report, but this also proves to be a difficult task, to say the least.

Just like against Inter, Lazio players had a great game, fully dominated Juve, who were unable to pass our half for 30 minutes, but failed to turn the possession into a single goal. Zarate, Hernanes, Floccari, Ledesma tried but failed. The biggest missed chance was that of Brocchi though, who had a great cross from the right but managed to head it wide against a Buffon who was already beaten. Juve was a shadow of the team that used to be few  years back. They ran like headless chickens chasing Lazio players around the field. Krasic hardly kicked a ball and their only chance came only after Lichsteiner mistakenly/unfortunately headed the ball to Matri, who was stopped by a remarkable Muslera on that occasion.

In the second half, Juve started better and had some more ball possession, but that lasted form some 15 minutes, when Lazio again assumed the total control of the match and tried to finds ways of scoring. During this span, Brocchi again had a marvelous chance to score when he shot a ball over Buffon`s goal where he should and must have done better. Shortly after,  Hernanes fired a massive shot towards the goal but Buffon managed to clear it. The moment of the match was when Hernanes passed a smart ball to Floccari who while entering the box got tripped by Chiellini and fell to the ground. This should have been a penalty and a red card for Juve defender (and moviola proved that without a doubt). Instead, few minutes after, Ledesma tripps Melo in the middle of the park and earns his second yellow card and Lazio remains in 10 men for the rest of the match. This proved to be the decisive moment of the match. Juve started attacking and after Salihamidzic`s cross from the right, Pepe received a ball and fired a shot. Muslera was in a perfect position to stop it but unfortunately the ball deflected from Scaloni (who had eneted few minutes earlier for injured Biava) which was the decisive for the ball to finish in the net.

With 10 men and exhausted due to the pressure applied to Juve the entire match, Lazio players were unable to change anything and for the second consecutive time left the pitch defeated while outplaying the opponent.

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