May 25

Eagles return to Europe

When the Serie A that season ended few days ago started last end of August, Lazio was regarded as a team that would be fighting for a mid table position. Regardless of the fact that we had managed to strengthen the team with few quality signing here or there, the general consensus was that based on the previous season when Lazio managed to save from relegation only 2-3 weeks before the season`s end, Lazio again lacked the quality and depth in the roster to fight for a European spot, let alone lead the table in the first few weeks and lose a Champions League spot only based on a goal difference factor.

I on the other hand, being a true Lazio maniac and sometimes even subjective, had a strong feeling that we will not only fight for European football, but also be able to clinch a CL spot. Back then, I was considered a clueless and over-optimistic Lazio fan.

But come 2011, people began to change their views about Lazio, in particular after thrashing teams like Napoli and Inter in the first part of the season.

Regardless of the fact that I was terribly disappointed for the fact that we missed the Champions League, nevertheless, I and all of us, Lazio fans MUST be satisfied with how this season went. Indeed, there are so many shortcomings (which will be addressed in a separate post soon) but also a lot of satisfactions.

The most important thing is that, the Eagles will return to Europe and SS Lazio will appear in the European football radar once again.

"Lazio eagle Olimpico"

"Europa League logo"

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