May 05

“Betrayed” by our captains

Before you start reading this, please do not take the meaning of the word “betrayed” very seriously or in its strict meaning.

As you already know, Stefano Mauri got a red card against Inter and Cristian Ledesma earned a second yellow against Juve. Both these actions cost Lazio precious points in our ever lasting quest for a Champions League spot, something that would have a significant importance financially as well as would increase the reputation.

First with Mauri: We were 2-1 down against Inter but a man up. With Mauri on the field we had much better chances of equalizing or even winning it all. Even without him, we had 2 excellent chances. What makes things even worse is that he committed a needless foul in the middle of the pitch, tripping Nagatomi from behind. True, the decision for a straight red card might have been to strict, but Mauri in the first place should not have committed such a foul when the entire defense behind was waiting for Nagatomo. That action is costing Lazio to play 2 matches without captain Stefano Mauri.

Ledesma: In Mauri`s absence, Ledesma was our captain versus Juve.He got a harsh yellow in the first half. In the second half, following a ball lost by Zarate up front, Felipo Melo received a ball and without thinking, Ledesma fouls him and this time the ref was right to show him the second yellow = a red card. May I remind you that in those moments we were pushing Juve hard and it is more then certain that with Ledesma playing, a draw was a certain outcome, but we were chasing a win there. After Cris left, the match completely changed its course which ultimately resulted in Juve scoring a goal which left us pointless in 2 consecutive matches now.


Make no mistake, Mauri and Ledesma are my favorite players in this Lazio team, but they set some poor examples and showed questionable decision making abilities at the time this teams needs it most. As a consequences of these sending offs and the goals we conceded afterwards, we now find ourselves in a very difficult situation – one that could have been avoided had the two gentlemen were more careful.


  1. Anthony from Belgium

    Totally agree!! Captains should be more accountable of their actions on & off the pitch. I realize that in the heat of the moment, especially in two intense matches like Inter & Juve, we could see uncharacteristic black outs. However the impact of these red cards at those very moments in the game zapped Lazio of the momentum and any chance to earn a precious point.

  2. admin

    Thanks for your contribution Anthony!
    Indeed, they should have been more careful, in particular at this stage of the season.

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