Apr 20

Yellow cards – horrible state with defense

Just a quick one today. Italian sport dailies, mainly covering Lazio today write that Lazio players, in particular defenders are in a very bad situation with yellow cards.

Namely, Dias, Biava, Stendardo, Bresciano, Kozak and Brocchi are a yellow card shy from missing the next match.

This totally unforeseen circumstance might be turn out to be a decisive factor in our pursuit of Champions League football next season, considering the oponents we face in the next 3 matches (Inter and Udinese away and Juve at home).

I intended to underline the Catania match post that the only negative thing was that too many Lazio players were booked, but little did I know that the situation would turn to be this bad.

Our central defenders might really be careful against Inter. Imagine both Dias and Biava getting yellows and missing Juve clach, when Diakite is still out with an injury. That would be terrible. Let us hope that at least not both of them are booked in the next match.

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