Apr 06

Will the non-player factor influence the outcome of this season?

I desperately tried to not write about this, but I simply could not ignore the fact that this Lazio season is hugely influenced by factors outside of players themselves.

The latest terrible officiating at San Paolo stadium in Napoli is another example that Lazio does not receive the same treatment as other top clubs, in particular in direct clashes against other top teams fighting for important goals.

Lazio players get sent off pretty easily, penalties are awarded against Lazio to leniently – and these are facts that noone else can deny.

The disallowed goal vs Napoli, then the lenient penalty on the occasion of Cavani`s dive are flagrant calls directly influencing the outcome of the match. Furthermore, there are suspicions that Cavani was in the offside position when he made the run towards the box when he scored the second goal.

Bad ref calls not only influence the current match, but may influence the next one(s) either, because as a result we will miss Biava and Mauri. Poor officiating and failure to keep match under control cost Radu 3 matches (though I do not by any means justify his header – which in fact was attempted header as he did not hit roma player).

If such officiating goes on, I am afraid the players will lose motivation!



  1. Humbird

    Good points Amir. We just can’t seem to catch a break.

  2. admin

    We have been damaged exactly in the matches where we should not have: vs roma and napoli, direct challengers for Champions League football next year.

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