Apr 12

Lazio – Parma: player ratings

Muslera – 7 (brilliant on several occasions. Defending that Giovinco shot in the first half was absolutely great)

Lichsteiner – 6 (not the best of performances by the Swiss.

Stendardo 6,5 (along with Dias, kept Amazuri silent throughout the match. Could easily replace Biava in the starting line up for good in my books)

Dias 6,5 (Andre delivered another of his usual performances)

Garrido 6,5 (I am starting to like Javier. He has done very good in the last 3 matches he featured. Hope to see more of him again)

Ledesma 6,5 (So good to see Cris again in our midfield. Solid display. Very good partnership with Brocchi)

Brocchi 7 (Brocchi is not the youngest of the players and by the end of the season, he should feel tired. But no, he just never gets tired. Brilliant match from him)

Bresciano 6 (Surprising start to the match he made. Solid in the first half. Didn`t do anything wrong)

Hernanes 7,5 (Man of the match. Another lovely goal. Vital for the team)

Sculli 6,5 (I fail to realize why is this guy not appreciated. He keeps running all the time and support midfield and defense. Had a great chance to score a goal, the ball went just wide)

Zarate 6 (Another one of his usual matches.


Gonzales, 6.5

Floccari 7

Scaloni nv

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