Apr 11

Lazio-Parma: 2-0 report

On the 32nd match of the season, it was Parma`s turn to visit Olimpico. Lazio were morally down after that totally undeserved defeat from a week ago at Napoli and following Udinese`s loss at home, Lazio players needed to win this one by all cost and thus return to the last place that ensures a CL spot.

And they did just that. Lazio was not brilliant nor did it play the best match of the season, but the overall performance was more then enough to crash that weak Parma side, who apart fro Giovinco and Amauri who are really nice players, the rest of the team is not at Lazio`s quality.

Reja surprised again by fielding Bresciano for suspended Mauri while the rest of the team was more or less what was expected. Lazio started more aggressively and Parma (as expected) played more withdrawn. Lazio attacked most of the time, but Zarate was again to isolated to do something alone against a thick wall of Parma defense. But what Zarate fails to do often this season, Hernanes does not. He received a ball just outside of the box and contrary to Zarate who starts to dribble, he fired a shot which turned out to be one splendid goal. 1-0. Hernanes.

Only then did Parma start to attack and had a lovely chance when a splendid Giovinco fired one great shot but Muslera saved it by making a great intervention. The ball was going inside and Reja after the game said that this goal could have changed the match drastically.

The second half was more or less the same as the first one. The match was most of the time played in the middle with both teams struggling to advance. Gonzales replaced Bresciano after the first half and later on, Reja decided to take out Zarate and field Floccari, who did what he does best. Following a pass by Brocchi, he beat the offside trap and found himself alone against Mirante. Floccari made a clinical finish and it was 2-0, which basically killed any hope for Parma to come back in the match. Worth noting is that just prior to the second goal, Sculli had a lovely chance after a pass by Hernanes but missed just wide.

And that was that basically. Like mentioned in the beginning of this report, Lazio delieved as much as it was needed to grab the three points and turn back to contention for a CL spot.

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  1. Humbird

    I’ll take 3 points any way possible!

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