Apr 24

Inter – Lazio: 2-1

I was unable to watch the match as I would have wished to due to a particularly bad stream, but based on what I managed to see and read following the match, there is little doubt that we did not lose, but rather, we beat ourselves (I think Edy Reja said something like this as well). Once again, we were bloody unfortunate as it appears the pitch conditions were dreadful and despite our players changing the cleets, that proved insufficient as our players continues to slip and one such occasion caused with awarding Inter the second goal.

This is a rare case that after a Lazio defeat, I do not feel anger nor am I pissed off with this or that players. We had the match served to us on the plate, we were a goal up and + 1 player after Julio Cesar`s sending off – all we needed to do be extra careful and maintain ball possession since with 10 men, Inter would physically be unable to cope with that. But rather, our players played worse than 10 vs 10 conceding the ground and ball possession to Inter and at that point one would wonder which side was playing with a player less.

Snejder was particularly impressive with play making and scored one fantastic goal from a set piece. As mentioned above, we gifted them the second one and were again soo unlucky to equalize after missing few excellent chances, in particular the one when Kozak hit the post.

But this defeat is not my biggest worry so far (in particular since Udinese lost at home and Juve only drew at home), but the situation with yellow cards and injuries, which I shall cover in a special blog post on Tuesday or Wednesday.

If you wish to read a more detailed match report, you can find it  here:

The photo best illustrates the feeling for all of us I guess:

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