Mar 23

Matuzalem – WTF ?

After the derby of 10 days ago when Ledesma was sent off and subsequently banned for 2 matches, it was all clear that the play-making duties will now fall on the shoulders of Francelino Matuzalem. Worth noting is the fact that his disciplinary state was not the best, as he was a yellow card shy of facing a suspension.

This means that Matuzalem had to play a very careful match as a possible yellow card would mean he would miss the Napoli match and considering that Ledesma would miss that match as well, that would leave us in a very unpleasant situation in the middle of the park, with both play makers suspended.

And what happened? Exactly the opposite. Matuzalem got a yellow and what is more, he intentionally punched or whatever you want to call it none other than our former player Luis Jimenez! It appears the referee failed to spot that which means that Matuzalem finished the match against Cesena. However, it was very much clear that he would be facing a punishment based on what Italians call it “prova TV”.  And the punishment came in the most severe fashion: Matu was banned for 4 match: 1 match for picking up a yellow which automatically banned him from the next fixture and 3 for his ugly act.

Now I can`t be more pissed off with Matu than I am now. A player of such caliber and experience should maintain calm, at least in a match like that: playing at home against a weaker team and leading by 1 goal and dominating the match. What the hell he was thinking. No need to be a complete idiot and leave your team like that in the most difficult period of the current Serie A campaign.

He was fined by the club, just like Stefan Radu following the derby, but I wish the club management make it clear to all players in the roster that SS Lazio has an image to maintain and that their egos should be left in the locker room, once they are out on the pitch!


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  1. BigMamaEagle

    Again, thanks for all the information Amir.

  2. admin

    You are always very welcome!

  3. Dion

    Wow.. Great new look, Amir. More elegent and so Lazio-ish. It seems that your blog is going to be professional one.

  4. admin

    Thanks a lot Dion, glad you like the new forum theme and layout!

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