Mar 04

Lazio vs Palermo



Both Lazio and Palermo enter this match after suffering defeats in the previous match day! Palermo`s one was in particular quite difficult to swallow after falling a disastrous 0-7 at home to in form Udinese. The said  defeat took its tall and Delio Rossi was justly fired.

Palermo must be morally quite low after suffering 3 consecutive defeats and this is a segment which Lazio must explore and take advantage off. Serse Cosmi was appointed for Delio Rossi!

News from Formello are not encouraging for our team. Diakite, Brocchi, Mauri and Rocchi are still out and the latest casually seems to be Andre Dias, who apparently had muscular problems in the training yesterday and is quite probably missing the match against Palermo, as Reja does not wish to risk anything for the derby which is in program after this outing. Stendardo will most probably occupy his spot alongside Biava.

Matuzalem and Ledesma are expected to once again form the midfield duo while Sculli on the right, Hernanes in the center and Zarate on the left will support the lone striker Sergio Floccari.

Of course, there is time until Sunday evening for changes but based on the latest from Formello the said formation is the most likely one to start vs Palermo.

Needless to say, the importance of this match is high. We need to keep the pace for a possible Champions League qualification. Udinese will mist certainly win its tie with Bari at home while Roma and Juve face some tough outings vs Lecce away and Milan at home respectively.

Forza ragazzi. We need points.


  1. BigMamaEagle

    Amir, do you know anything about Lazioland website being unavailable?

  2. Amir

    Hi there Mamma,
    Yeah, moving to other serves. The site, http://www.lazioland.com is up now but the forum is taking like forever.

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