Mar 18

Lazio vs Cesena: preview




Well, the derby is almost a week past us but still, we Lazio fans have little to say or look forward!

Our next encounter see Cesena visit Olimpico. The match shall be played on Saturday at 18:30 local time.

Napoli has increased the lead against us and Udinese overtook us in the standings and considering our tough schedule after Cesene, it would be a genuine miracle to grab a CL spot. Nevertheless, if this team wants to convince us that there is still something left in the tank, they better beat Cesena tomorrow.

With respect to the line up, let me remind you that we will miss Lichsteiner, Radu and Ledesma as usual starters, who fell ‘victims’ of the derby. Based on latest reports, the following formation might be deployed vs Cesena.



Scaloni, Biava, Dias, Garrido;

Brocchi, Matuzalem;

Mauri, Hernanes, Zarate



Yes, you saw it right, Garrido might as well start in the absence of both starting wing backs and if he does, he better prove he is worth keeping him with us in the future!

Good luck and forza Lazio

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