Mar 21

Lazio vs Cesena; match report

Well after the defeat in the derby we would have liked for Lazio to beat Cesena by a larger margin than a lame 1-0 at home, but in case you have not seen the match, I assure you we could have won with at least 3-0 pretty easily had it not been for a great Cesena keeper Antoniolli (an old acquaintance of our since he played for Roma several years)!  In fact he made 2 incredible saves, one late in the first half on Biava`s header and immediately in the second half when Sculli shot a close header. Somehow, Antoniolli managed to save both, in particular the latter one fantastic.

If nothing else, the win vs Cesena marks two important things: the first one being Zarate has scored and the second one and to my very personal opinion, the return of Stefano Mauri, who we missed very much. He made the assist and also had a brilliant first half. In the second half, he got tired and on some occasions missed some easy passes.


On other notes, Cesena match marks an interesting stat, that this was the first match we entered without Radu and Lichsteiner missing at the same time. This fact pushed Reja to field Scaloni and Garrido, who were average if truth is too be told, which is not encouraging considering the opponent.

What marked this match was another stupid and totally unnecessary act by our players: indeed it was Matuzalem who intentionally touched Jimenez and risks a ban, despite earlier earning a yellow card which automatically rules him out of Napoli clash (but about this on a separate article coming tomorrow).

All in all, the absence of Floccari and Ledesma in particular obliged Reja to change the tactics and I was pleased to see he opted for a formation with 2 strikers and I can only hope that we proceeds with the same for the rest of the campaign.


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