Mar 08

Lazio – Palermo: match report

Yesterday I posted a lengthy match report and for some reason my browser acted weird and I lost the entire text. That sucks big time, as there is no way in the world that one coule come up with the exactly same text!

First half
So, the match with Palermo started with 2 surprises: Muslera got back from the injury a bit sooner than expected and Lichsteiner got injured the last day before the match and could not make it. As expected, Scaloni took his place. Reja`s promise that Lazio would attack materialized and our players took the initiative as soon as the match started. After few minutes, Sculli came alon vs Sirigu but he was rulled offside. Few mintues later, Sculli managed to beat the offside trap following a great pass from Ledesma. This time he scored and it was 1-0 Lazio after 7 minutes of play. The opening goal did not distract our team and they kept attacking. The simillar scenario occured before 20th minute of the match and Ledesma and Sculli again in charge. This team Sculli was quicker than Sirigu who miss calculated the ball . Sculli headed it past him and it was 2-0 already. We as Lazio fans have forgot the last time we scored so early, in particular 2.

The remaining part of the firt half was carachterized with Palermo trying to construct something, mainly through fantastic Balzzareti who gave Scaloni and the rest of the defense a tough time. Lazio managed to control the ball and first half was over.

Second half

There is little to say about the second half, as the main battle was done in the middle, with Palermo trying to do something and approach Muslera`s goal – but to no aveil. Our defense proved once again that it is excellent. Lazio managed to control the match and even had a chance for a third goal when Willy Stendardo shot a header just past Palermo`s goal.


After Udinese won their match and overtaken us in the standings, winning this one was an absolute MUST for two reasons: 1. To retain the 4th place in the standings which leads to CL; and 2. To enter the derby week with a winning mentality.


  1. BigMamaEagle

    nobody does a match report as well as you do.

  2. admin

    Thanks sooo much E 😉

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