Mar 11

Derby time: Roma – Lazio




So, here we are finally: the last and most important derby of the season. We lost the last 2 this season, one for regular season and one for Coppa Italia, despite the fact that we were the better team. This time, I don`t really care if we play better than them or not, what I want is 3 points and continue the dream to grasp a CL spot.

Regarding the line up, I don`t really care who plays or not. I want 11 eagles ready to massacre 11 small-wolves and have their hopes for CL spot basically go away. If this team wants to show to the fans and the entire Serie A that they really mean business – than this is the time for it.

I don`t care if we miss this or that player on Sunday, there shall be no excuses. This Lazio can beat this roma team; we are the better side, played better throughout the season and after several undeserved defeat in a row, we need to win this one and enjoy it.


So, it is difficult to say more on such occasions. Out hearts started to beat faster, stress accumulates in our body, only because we live for SS Lazio.

Forza ragazzi and win this one!




  1. BigMamaEagle

    There’s nothing more stressful that this derby.

  2. Amir

    Indeed. Already in a big stress. This is too important to lose.

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