Feb 01

Milan vs Lazio; preview

I will post an unusual preview today, since there is little to say when we face AC Milan. Why do I say that: just read the below stats.

– Lazio failed to beat AC Milan in Serie A since 1998 when Boksic and Mancini scored for Lazio and Kluivert for Milan. It was 2-1 for us back then.

– Lazio failed to beat AC Milan away in Serie A since 1989 (yep, true). A youngster Paolo Maldini scored an own goal back then.

– Lazio`s last away win was against Palermo on 31 October 2010. In the last 3 months we managed to grab only 2 of total 15 available points from away matches.

Now, these facts along with the ones that we will miss Zarate, Floccari and Rocchi up front and Matuzalem in the middle give little room for optimism.

Regarding the line up used by Reja: there are little doubts there considering the information from above. Defense is the usual one: Licht – Biava – Dias and Radu. Midfield will feature Brocchi – Ledesma and Mauri for sure. We hope to see Gonzales as well, since he played very nicely in the last couple of matches. There are two options up front: either Hernanes will support Kozak as a lone striker or Sculli will play as well in a 4-3-1-2.

Forza Lazio!


  1. AFP

    The boys put up a brave fight considering how our record has been in Milan over the past 20 years. Great determination shown even though we were on our back foot most of the game.

    The lucky bounce that eluded us against Bologna and Juve on two unfortunate last minute goals was back on our side when it counted on that Ibra strike. As they say the ball is round for both teams.

    Well deserved point simply for the defensive effort if nothing more.

    Forza Lazio, Non Mollare Mai!!

  2. admin

    Yeah I agree with you, a very brave performance indeed considering the opponent. We never manage to attack Milan even when playing at home, so getting failing to lose vs Milan during a season is quite an accomplishment considering the history!

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