Feb 25

Cagliari vs Lazio: prewiew






So, this Sunday we take on Cagliari at Sant Ellia stadium! I expect a difficult match here since Cagliari has been playing pretty well this season, in particular at home.

This will be one of the most important matches of the season. A win here would be crucial as we play the next 3 matches at Olimpico (Palermo, roma and than Cecena) and would give us a huge boost for a Champions League run.

Regarding the roster, Muslera got injured and he will not play the next two matches at least. Berni will therefore replace him. Defense should be the same with Lichtsteiner, Biava, Dias and Radu on the left.

Midfield due is once again expeceted to be composed of Ledesma and Matuzalem, who have done excellent since coach Reja decided to field them both at the same time.

Now attack is still unsure. Hernanes will play, but the rest are not sure. It appears from yesterday training that Floccari might be in advantage over Kozak to start and Zarate for Sculli, but more concerning the line ups will be learned after today`s training.

Regardless who plays, 12 matches remain for this season and each should be regarded as a final. An eventual qualification for a Champions League will result in a very positive season for the club.

Daje ragazzi!





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