Feb 09

Analyzing statistics

I have intended to tackle Lazio statistic for a while now, but I dragged on the matter from one week to another. Being at a critical point of the season (in this you might disagree) I though of having a look at Lazio statistics and compare it with other teams at the top of the table.

So far, Lazio has played 24 matches: Won 12, Lost 6, Drew 6.

In this period, Lazio scored 30 goals and allowed  22.


Defensively, we stand excellent. One can hardly complain about our defense overall, even though at moments some drastic shortcomings were noted which cost us goals and thus points (Lichsteiner`s poor defense causing 2 penalties; Muslera`s blunders; Biava has some bad moments. Dias was however perfect and he might as well be the best central defender in Serie A this season). But like said above, overall we can be perfectly happy with the way our defense has operated.

Only AC Milan conceded less goals than we did (19). We share the second spot with Inter and Genoa, both also conceded 22 goals. But given that Genoa has a miserable record in the attack, they are not the subject of this analyses.


Now this is where the genuine problem lies. While our records in defense is remarkable, we have scored on 30 goals in 24 matches, which is indeed a poor record. In this regard, we are far behind all our main rivals this season. Milan has scored 40, Napoli 38, Inter 44, Palermo 42, Udinese 39, roma 35 and Juve 40.

So, we find ourselves in 8th place offensively which is not something we hoped for, considering that we have a (at least on paper) relatively nice pack of forwards in Floccari, Zarate, Rocchi, Kozak, Foggia and now Sculli.

But surprisingly, we have failed to score. Zarate in particular has been quite a disappointment I`d say as especially because Hernanes and Mauri have scored a lot of goals even though they are midfielders. Not to omit here Dias, Biava and in particular Kozak who basically saved us on several occasions.

Home and away

At Olimpico Lazio managed to score 21 goals. That is not bad, but wait, check this: we scored only 9 goals in AWAY matches which I take the liberty of saying that this is a miserable record for a team aspiring to play in the Champions or Europa League.


Facts speak for themselves. The guys below in the picture, in particular Maurito should be more productive if they wish to take Lazio back to European competition. Lack of success in attack make things harder for our defense.


  1. Sean S.

    Good analysis. 9 goals away from home is very weak, so hopefully Lazio can do something about it at Brescia.

  2. BigMamaEagle

    You are always better than the professional writers.

  3. admin

    Thanks Sean and BigMama :)

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