Jan 26

Analysis: how did we concede the 2nd goal to Bologna

I have been satisfied with the way our defense has been functioning all this season. Dias and Biava have been fantastic all year long as well as Lichsteiner and Radu. However, not only defenders participate in the defensive aspect of the match. I never did such analysis because I always think that it is impossible to maintain a 90minutes focus. At one point players might get tired and that would suffice for an experienced striker to punish.

However, the second goals against Bologna is something that caught my eye. I have been playing the video several times and actually can`t believe my eyes what happened. Ball gets to Di Vaio who is closely guarded by Brocchi and Biava (who had left his position chasing Di Vaio far from his position as central defender). Now what happens is that, as soon as Di Vaio passes the ball to one of his team mates and makes the run towards the box, in an astonishing move, neither Biava or Brocchi go after him. In particular, Brocchi`s reaction is quite strange. Di Vaio makes the run towards the box, gets the ball and again makes a fool of Ledesma and fires the shot for the second goal. I mean, how is it possible!! It is an elementary move that once a player gets rid of the ball and is headed towards the box or anywhere in the attack, he should be followed by the player closer to him. Check a screenshot and see how Di Vaio finds himself in the box surrounded by 5 players of ours and still managed to score.


  1. Sean S.

    Amir, Brocchi was trying to play the offside, but he did a very, very poor job at it. He was too slow, and he should have known where his teammates were.

    But, if you can, take another look at the video and watch Scaloni. As soon as Di Vaio gets the ball in a 1v1 position against Ledesma, Scaloni stops running and merely walks back. Then, when Di Vaio cuts the ball back, it goes exactly into the space where Scaloni would have been if he were running.

    All Scaloni had to do was run (just run) and he could have stopped the goal. This is inexcusable. A professional player should NEVER be walking when a player from the other team has the ball in his box, and is only a few meters away. This is a disgrace, and this is why Scaloni should never play for Lazio again.

  2. admin

    Sean, I think you are being quite harsh on Scaloni. I think he had a decent match overall. The point of this post was to underline a collective poor defending at this second goal, starting from Biava and Brocchi, who fail to chase Di Vaio after his run towards the box, then with Scaloni as you pointed out, to finish with Ledesma (who falls so easily to Di Vaio`s trick) and ultimately with Muslera who MUST have defended the goal slightly better and not be beaten at his corner.

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