Dec 09

Stefan Radu, a surgery and contract extension

We can all agree that Stefan Radu is having one hell of a season! He is a part of the best defense in Serie A right now, along with Lichsteiner, Ande Dias and Biava!

You might have heard that he will go under the knife (if he hasn`t by now) to have the meniscus of the left knee operated. He is expected to be back in 30 days time, thus missing our matches with Juve, Udinese and most probably 1 or 2 others in January!

But wait, there is good news concerning Radu as well. In fact, reports from Italian sport dailies tell us that in January he will extend the contract with Lazio. Romanian newspapers even indicate details: Radu will extend the contract with us until 2015 and will earn 1.5 mil Euros per season.

We all hope this deal concludes sooner rather than later!

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  1. BigMamaEagle

    Get well soon!

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