Dec 01

Ledesma to Chelsea ?

The last two days there is a rumour that Ledesma will join Chelsea as soon as this January. Yesterday, I just ignored the news thinking that it nothing but an ordinary transfer rumour.

However, today things began to heat up and given the fact that Lampard will be sidelined for a while and Ancelotti knows the qualities of Ledesma pretty well, British media are certain that Lazio might receive at any moment (if not  as we speak) a bid of nothing short of 17 millin Euros for our playmaker (who might I remind  you) just extended his contract with us through 2015.

Reports say that the signigicant offer made even Lotito think twice before rejecting it or replying to Chelsea bid.

Now there is absolute silence from Lazio officials regarding the matter, perhaps because of an important Friday match against Inter. It will be interesting to hear what Lotito and Tare have to say about the matter. I suspect they will deny it.


  1. Sean S.

    Oh boy… 17 million is a lot. I love Ledesma, but that money could bring some top talent.

    1. admin

      Indeed, if they really offer that money, Lotito should go ahead and sell him. Matuzalem could fit hin for him until the summer when we can splash that money on a top player.

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