Dec 07

Lazio – Inter, Highlights and Raitings

Muslera – 7:  Another strong performance in an important match.  Inter’s goal was in no way his fault, and his save on Cordoba’s close range shot was crucial.  The only small mistake was his handling (or lack thereof) of Sneijder’s free kick.

Lichtsteiner – 6,5: Overall a solid performance.  Less attacking runs than usual, but they weren’t really necessary.  Defensively very strong, limiting attacks on his side of the field.

Dias – 7,5: Another excellent showing.  He is proving to be one of the top central defenders in Serie A, and he is never intimidated by big name opponents.

Biava – 7: Solid defensively, and very intelligent when he scored.  There aren’t many players who would have gone for the ball like that (jumping straight up, chest out, arms in the air to avoid a handball).  It may have been ugly, but it was a big goal.

Radu – 6,5: A good game for the most part, although he was beaten once or twice down the wing.  His is partially excused for playing hurt, and also seems to be concentrating more on his offensive runs than his defense. 

Brocchi – 7: Another great defensive performance in midfield, as we have come to expect from him.  Played an important role in keeping Inter’s attack under wraps.

Matuzalem – 7,5: Promoted to the starting lineup for a very important match, performed excellently under pressure.  Offensively he did very well to get the ball quickly to the feet of Hernanes and Zarate (which is his job), and defensively did a great job on Sneijder.  Almost lost his temper, which is the only concern.  

Mauri – 6,5:  Overall a strong match, if not spectacular.  With his teammates on-form, he did well to allow them the opportunity to take over the match, playing a smart supporting role.

Hernanes – 8:  His best match with Lazio thus far, and that it came in their most important match is an excellent sign.  Directly involved in all three goals, you couldn’t ask for more. 

Floccari – 7: Continues to do the crucial “dirty work” up front, and does a brilliant job of creating space for his teammates.  Had a chance for a goal, but it wasn’t as easy as it may have appeared.

Zarate – 7,5:  Another glimpse of the Zarate that the fans dream about.  Any ball at his feet is an instant offensive threat, which makes him special indeed.  He lost possession a few times while trying to dribble, but this comes with the territory when you are constantly asked to beat the defender in front of you.  Excellent finish on the goal.


Ledesma – 6,5:  Entered at a difficult point in the match and performed admirably.

Rocchi – no vote


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