Dec 03

Lazio – Inter: match preview


It is matchday 15 already and Lazio hosts current Serie A and Champions League winners Inter Milan. Luckily for us, Inter are not enjoying the form they were in the last 4-5 years to say the least and face huge injury concerns.

On the other hand, Edy Reja was lucky so far to have the entire roster available for this important enounter. Latest reports from Formello indicate that Edy Reja will use the usual 11, but with MAYBE one change: Matuzalem will start and Ledesma will be benched.

Also, another tactical change is mentioned, Zarate will play wide left in the attack leaving Sergo Floccari alone up front and Hernaned will once again be deployed as trequartista. Brocchi and Mauri will be the other two players in the midfield to accompany Matuzalem.

Defense will remain the same with Muslera, Lichsteiner, Dias, Biava and Radu.

Lazio will have the last light-traininig session (refinitura) today at 11;00 and maybe Reja will opt for a minor changes after all.


  1. BigMamaEagle

    great result. I only wish it had been vs. Roma.

  2. AFP

    Great win. Although Inter was decimated by injuries, you have to be able to capitalize on their misfortune and Lazio did exactly that.

    Hope that the formation played last night stays with us for some time. Gives more creatuvity to Zarate, and plaaying Hernanes in the middle of the pitch adds more freedom to his game as well. I also give credit to Matuzalem. Played well against Cambiasso & Sneider (although I till prefer Ledesma over him).

    Now lets get a few players during the mercato like Meira, Canini, Matri, DiViao, Sissoko and we can be singing for a very long time.

    Forza Lazio – Non Mollare Mai!!

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