Dec 11

Juventus vs Lazio: match preview


While the uncertanties over whether this match and the entire Serie A round will take place this weekend have diminished since Lega Calcio and Player Association have found a deal, this week we face Juventus, in what seems to be a great match if for nothing else, than for statistics: Juve has the best attack in Serie A while Lazio the best defense!

Juventus is my second most disliked team after you know who and I honestly believe that this time we have a great chance to win at their ground. They had deeps in form and one week they played so well and the other they sucked big time, this means we don`t know what to expect from them. What we can expert however is problems on the right wing from their best signing Krasic, who is having an amazing season thus far.

On our side, you already know that Stefan Radu will miss this one (and at least few others) after underdoing a surgery in his knee. When we take into consideration the fact that Garrido is also out for match fitness, this leaves us with our two first choices to face Krasic out and having to field a player who`s natural position is not left back (Cavanda most probable to start)

Elsewhere in the pitch, the first 11 are confirmed with again the last place being disputed by Ledesma and Matuzalem to accompany Brocchi in the midfield.

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