Dec 14

Juve vs Lazio: highlights and ratings

Muslera-5,5: Brilliant until that final second of the match. What a save vs Del Piero and than cost us the point and the chance to go clear second on the table.

Lichtsteiner-6,5: A positive performance by our right back once again. Got involved often in the attack and he suffered less than Cavanda.

Dias-6: One of his toughest nights. Dealing with a powerful Iaquinta and than Chiellini, Sorensen, Bonucci on set-pieces is not an easy task.

Biava-6,5: Splendid performance by Giusepe. Blocked a shot that was going in for sure. Good marking of Quaglirela.

Cavanda-4,5: It is not his fault that he had to step up and play the best right winger in Serie A, without getting any significant help from his team mates, in particular Del Nero when the latter entered the pitch.

Brocchi-6,5: There were people here and there criticizing Brocchi`s game, but I think he was brilliant considering the quality of the midfield Juve possess.

Matuzalem-6,5: Just like Brocchi above, Matu had a decent performance against a very physical Juve line-up.

Mauri-5,5: It is obvious by now that he lost his sharpness that characterized him earlier in the season. Must run more and ask for the ball.

Hernanes-6: Marked by his compatriot Felipe Melo every step of the match. Often surrounded by 3 Juve players. There was little he could do.

Zarate-6,5: Scored the goal that could have brought us a valuable point. Received a  heay kick by Melo on his right thigh and could not recover afterwards. Should have been replaced earlier and not left to play in pain.

Floccari-5,5: Paid the price for Reja`s tactics. I mean how can you leave a lone striker against the likes of Chiellini and Bonucci.

Subs: Diakite:6,5 – very solid; Ledesma:6; Del Nero-5, failed to help Cavanda contain Krasic following his entrance.


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  1. Sean S.

    I agree with your raitings, and there were indeed some strong performances. In particular I like the way Matuzalem is playing; he moves the ball very well in mid-field and covers ground quickly with the ball at his feet.

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