Nov 26

President Lotito’s Letter in English

I’m Guilty… Guilty of Love

Guilty of believing that Lazio’s rich, noble and morally just sporting tradition should be protected.  That it should be saved from a devastating and permanently scarring failure at all costs.

Guilty of having achieved, with great difficulty and against thousands of impediments, a financial and economic transition that is unprecedented in the history of this country and its fiscal regulations.

Guilty of having created, over the years, a world class organization from both a sporting and operational point of view.  This was achieved by building up and adding value to the player roster, strengthening the company’s assets, and restoring the club’s credibility both nationally and internationally.

Guilty of having aggressively pursued, and pursuing, the goal of having our very own sports complex.  A place were all of the organization’s sporting disciplines can unite and form a true ‘Lazio sports city’, giving fans the opportunity to live out the love of their team every day of the week.

Guilty of fighting against the “football establishment,” which is often myopic and not in step with the times.  An establishment which is slow to react and understand the immediate needs of a modern football club, and which imprisons these clubs with a logic that is, in my view, decidedly obsolete.

Guilty, finally, of having neglected, and neglecting, my family, my wife and my kids, so I could dedicate myself completely to another family.  A family which I have never considered, do not consider, and will never consider less important, but merely greater in number… la Lazio!

In this first issue of the new monthly magazine dedicated to all the fans of this splendid club, I want to thank all of the men and women who work as hard as they can, every single day, to make this club great.

To all of you I give a heartfelt thank you!

Claudio Lotito


  1. admin

    Thanks for bringing this exlcusive content to LazioFanBlog.com readers Sean.
    You are privileged to have access to things most of us, foreign Lazio fans, have not!

  2. Florance Pacho

    I value the article.Much thanks again. Awesome.

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