Nov 23

Parma–Lazio; rating and highlights

Muslera – 6,5: Crespo`s header was perfect in terms of timing. Otherwise solid display.

Lichsteiner – 6,5: Solid performance but kinda not engaged enough offensively.

Dias – 7: Fantstic perforamnce by Andre Diaz.

Biava – 6: Let Crespo escape on the occasion of Parma`s goal. Hernan is a legend so we forgive Biava for this one.

Radu – 5,5:  He failed to block the cross that lead to Parma`s goal. Otherwise sold.

Brocchi – 7: Excellent performance by Cristian once again.

Matuzalem – 7: Justified his presence. Good moves and ball handling.

Mauri 6: It was obvious that he was tired.  He needs more rest.

Hernanes 6: Deserves an even lower mark in my opinion. Too selfish occasionaly.

Floccari 7,5: Our best man on the pitch. Such a hard workder and team player. Bravo Sergio.

Zarate 5,5: Once again, it was painful to watch Mauro with all those unnecessary dribblings. Just pass the ball for the love of God.

Subs: Ledesma-6,5;  Diakite: 6,5;  Rocchi (no vote)


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